A place for black plays* to develop and find their place in the world. Named for activist-playwright Lorraine Hansberry, The Hansberry Project is a professional theatre lab that gives primacy to the African American voice and perspective. From initial sketches to fully-realized productions, the Hansberry Project promotes and supports black theatre artists of diverse interests and disciplines, speaking on a range of themes and working in a variety of styles. We are uniquely positioned, in our community, to provide a context for this work, placing it in the historical continuum of black artists in the American Theatre. We promote this work because we are committed to the idea of an American Theatre that accurately reflects the richness and diversity of American life. 

Established in 2006, The Hansberry Project is founded on the beliefs that:
·       Communities tell stories to create shared culture and find meaning.
·       Black artists should be at the center of an artistic process that seeks to tell their stories.
·       Support for the artist is essential to the telling of our stories.

Our Mission is: “To celebrate, support and present the work of black theatre artists.”

Our ultimate Vision is: “A community in which the voices of black theatre artists – artfully expressing their observations, investigations, hopes and dreams - are an integral part of a rich, full-throated civic conversation.”

For more information visit The Hansberry Project's website at: www.hansberryproject.org

* What is a black play?: A theatre piece, created by a black artist, which explores the human experience through a black cultural lens.

Valerie CUrtis-Newton


What is The Hansberry Project?